IMBA/SORBA Membership Drive - You Could Win a New Bike!

Now through March 31st, the International Mountain Bicycling Association is offering a fantastic incentive to join or renew your IMBA/SORBA (Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association) membership.  Join/renew now and you'll be entered to win a full suspension bike, or a VIP trip for two.  Check out the prizes!

It's quick and simple, and may be the best $30 you spend all year!  Here's the link: https://www.imba.com/join  When you sign up, be sure to select your specific chapter because that money gets earmarked for local and regional use such as new trails and trail improvements.  Our local chapter is NAS - Nantahala Area SORBA.

Once you renew or join NAS, you will begin to receive the monthly newsletter which will keep you in the loop regarding Chapter activities.  You’ll be informed of group rides, special skills classes, kids’ events, new trails, swap-meets, trail maintenance days, and other activities – all planned for 2015.

Support your trails.  Join or renew today!

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